• Two or four channel Frequency Analyzer – plus optional RF-channel
  • NEW measurement modes: 4 parallel counters in one box; Multi-stop Time Interval
  • User upgradable performance via SW license
  • Ultra-high resolution: Time: 20 or 7 ps; Freq.: 13 digits/s
  • Gap-free zero-dead-time frequency/period measurements
  • 10M meas/sec to internal memory
  • Fast GPIB/USB bus speed; 10k meas/sec individual measurements; 100k meas/sec in block mode
  • Graphic touch screen display; numerical statistics, histogram, trend & modulation domain
  • 25 GHz pulsed RF option
  • Integrated Rubidium atomic clock option

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Frequency Counters/Analyzers

New CNT-100

The Pendulum CNT-100 series is a revolutionary new concept for frequency and time-interval analysis. With parallel measurements, you can track frequency, phase or time simultaneously, on 4 input channels on the large graphic screen.

Highest Performance Ever for R&D and metrology

The ultra-high 7 ps single-shot resolution gives better insights in the design under test, faster results in phase comparisons between clocks, more accurate calibration, and allows capturing of very small time/phase changes

Zero-dead-time counting provides back-to-back easurements without losing any cycle, even in a very long measurement sequence

The CNT-100 is in itself a high-performance Modulation Domain Analyzer (MDA). With the TimeViewTM 4 SW, the CNT-100 becomes an even higher performance full screen MDA. Thanks to the high measurement speed (10M meas/ sec.) and large memory depth (32M measurements) , very fast frequency or phase/time changes can be captured in real time.

CNT-100 has a unique 4-channel design, plus an optional microwave input. This allows new measurements that earlier required many instruments, like phase comparison of 4 atomic clocks, without the need for a switch. And Multi-stop Time-Interval measurements (1 start and 3 stop events)

Save money in production test

The 4-channel design can be used to do 4 parallel frequency measurements. One CNT-100 can replace 4 existing frequency counters in a test system at a lower cost/counter.

Using the option 22/05 rackmount adapter, you will have 8 parallel frequency counters in a 19”, 2U high rack space

There is also a lower-cost 2-channel model, that would replace 2 traditional frequency counters in a test system

Choose between Ethernet, USB or GPIB as communication interface to the test system controller. No need to purchase an external adapter or PC board to connect

High bus speed reduces test time in ATE test systems. Perform individual measurements up to 10k meas/sec, and fast Block measurements to 100k meas/sec with continuous data streaming. Test time is reduced compared to existing solutions and time is money.

The CNT-100 in remote mode operates in either native SCPI or 53131/53132 emulation mode, for plug-and-play replacement in existing ATE systems. There’s no need to re-write test SW completely, just change a few lines, like instrument’s IDN-string.

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