Point-to-Multi-point Distribution Amplifier for reference frequency and time synchronization signals

Point-to-Multi-point Distribution Amplifier for reference frequency and time synchronization signals


The Time & Frequency Distribution Amplifier FDA-301 is a very versatile fiber and coax Distribution Amplifier designed to distribute various signal types from a central frequency standard, and/or a central timing source, to multiple remote receiving points. It has a modular output design, with three output module slots at the rear, giving up to 18 fiber connections or 12 coax connections from a single unit.

It offers narrowband sine reference frequency distribution via optical fiber, or coax cable, with minimal jitter and is designed for reference signals between 100 kHz and 100 MHz. The default frequency is 10 MHz. The sine distribution is completely analog, without the use of PLLs or other types of frequency recovery circuits that may introduce jitter or wander. The signal is filtered in a narrow-band, high-Q filter, which heavily suppresses noise and distortion.

FDA-301 also offers distribution of Time Synchronization signals via the Pulse inputs/outputs of for example 1-pps and unmodulated IRIG time code (DCLS). The pulse distribution is broadband, allowing any pulse input signal up to 1 MHz.

Furthermore, the FDA-301 has separate inputs for distributing serial (RS232) Time-of-Day messages (NMEA or user defined), which together with 1-pps pulse distribution will distribute a precise time scale.

And there are also dedicated inputs for distributing E1/T1 clock and data signals, 2.048 or 1.544 MHz/Mbps, according to ITU-T recommendation G.703

The 10 MHz sine inputs are standard, other inputs are optional.

All inputs are dual, in a master-slave configuration, with automatic change-over if the master fails, providing fail-safe input source redundancy.

FDA-301 has 3 output slots for various optional output modules. All coax and T.o.D. output modules have 4 connectors. All fiber output modules have 6 connectors.

There is also an option for external DC power, to provide power redundancy.

System Structure

The FDA-301 is designed to work with any Pendulum Frequency Standard (GPS-12R, 6688/89, GPS-88/89), any Fluke Frequency standard (908/909, 910, 910R) and with any reference clock from Orolia/Spectracom. It will also work with all other brands that produce a sine wave reference with amplitude between 0.2 and 2 Vrms.

The FDA-301 will accept all pulse sources producing a TTL or CMOS 5V signal, for example the 1-pps outputs of all Pendulum, Fluke and Orolia/Spectracom clocks

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